Media Ministry

Another great way the church performs its outreach is through the Media Ministry. According to Director Pamela Pree, it has evolved from a collection of microphones and cassette recordings to being the repository of many more microphones and monitors, plus providing CD and DVD recordings. They also stream sermons and events to other parts of the church.

For the Media Ministry, it is all about sharing what’s going on, which aids the church’s overall commitment to outreach of all kinds.

“The purpose of the media ministry is to provide to the congregation a way to share with others what’s happening in the worship service,” Ms. Pree said. “Some share with friends, others with family and potential new members. … Through this ministry, many have come to know Taylor Memorial.”

She adds that the Media Ministry also shares with members who are unable to attend due to sickness. In fact, keeping these members involved is so important to the church that they publish in their programs a “Sick & Shut-In List,” as well as a list of members in convalescent homes, with an invitation to obtain contact information from the office.

The Media Ministry also provides a sound technician to church events such as weddings and funerals, in addition to keeping an archive of worship services and events. Some of these include the Martin Luther King, Jr. programs, Good Friday services, and Worship Without Walls service.