Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry: How to Become a Spiritual Warrior

Spiritual support of one another is part of God’s commandment. This can be even more important when it comes to the leadership of the country and of the church and local community. If you want to be part of that kind of supportive, intercessory prayer group, Nancy Harden is the person to see. She knows all about training Prayer Warriors. And there’s a right way to do it.

First, you have to become spiritually ready to pray on behalf of someone else. Her current group had to do a few weeks of training. They were at 20 weeks when we spoke to her. “We have dug deep and gone down to the root. We’ve finally gotten to the place where we can admit there are people in our lives we’ve held things against. … We were unclean vessels,” she said. “And God has truly been cleaning our vessels.”

It’s about forgiveness. They had to pray for forgiveness for not praying like this for a while, but they also had to admit any grudges they had toward anyone in their hearts, because that is not the attitude God wants us to have toward one another. You can’t expect God to listen to you if you don’t have love in your heart.

Worrying about what your leaders are doing is not what God wants, she said. “What He wants us to spend our time doing is praying for them. Be anxious for nothing. … Make your request known unto God, and the peace of God will come in and will guard your heart and your mind.”

The group uses what Ms. Harden calls “the three 9’s” as background prayers: Ezra, chapter 9; Nehemiah, chapter 9; and Daniel, chapter 9.