Sunday School & Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry of Taylor Memorial Church seeks to touch the lives of youth in ways that make sense to them, and to show them that the teachings of Christ are very relevant to their lives. But we realize we can’t just say that; we have to put into action a definite plan to demonstrate this to them. This is the plan that we put into action:

  • We show them by teaching the basic principles of our faith and relate the Word of God to our everyday lives
  • We use at least two different Bibles in print, as well as Bibles on cell phones for learning scripture and exploring our history as African-Americans
  • We also enhance youth enjoyment of Sunday School with snacks and games
  • We enhance the enjoyment of students and teachers alike by helping teachers love being a part of a very dedicated team

Because things have changed a lot in the past few decades, with regard to children and youth living in the modern family structure, and perhaps dividing their time between multiple households, our approach to Youth Ministry and Sunday School has had to change as well. In order to accommodate family schedules, Sunday School starts a half-hour after church begins and ends when church ends. The children love this arrangement. We know this because parents tell us their children insist on coming to Sunday school.  Attendance figures reflect their statements.  We averaged from 6 to 12 students from Sept. – Dec. 2016 and 12 to 18 students Jan. – Sept. 2017. The children are preschool through 8th grade.

We had to move to a larger room and use the one-room schoolhouse concept. We are now outgrowing that space.