Pastor Anthony Jenkins Sr. re-appointed to Taylor United Methodist Church for Another Year  

On July 1, Pastor Anthony Jenkins, Sr. announced some happy news – that he was re-appointed to Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church for another year. This allows Pastor Jenkins to continue inspiring his congregation in the ways he has been inspiring them since his appointment in 2015. It also allows him to continue his Pastor’s Bible Study, and to continue other projects he has started while being here. One of the most notable of his projects is leading the way in establish a greater online presence for Taylor including revamping the church’s website, establishing on-line streaming of church services and creating the church’s website as an outreach ministry.  Pastor Anthony’s influence is everywhere, and his reappointment lends Taylor additional stability for another year.   

As a lifelong man of God with a decades-long pastoral career, Pastor Anthony is very accustomed to following wherever his yearly appointments have led him. This marked a return to a church and community with which he already had a relationship, which brought its own special rewards. When it comes to this chapter of his life, he was first appointed to Taylor in 2015, following a two-year period spent at the help of Temple United Methodist Church in San Francisco – so he didn’t have far to go in order to accept his appointment to our church.   

He has always kept himself busy in the Methodist Church community and in the community at large. He spent time as chair of the Western Jurisdiction of Black Methodists for Church Renewal, starting also in 2015, and as co-chair of the Inner Ethnic Coordinators Committee of the Western Jurisdiction beginning in 2017.   

At this time, Taylor Church and the community of Oakland are still in need of Pastor Anthony’s immense gifts in serving God by serving God’s people, so they have not completed their chapter together. The church is happy to have him for another year as we grow to the next level under his guidance. The city of Oakland will continue to benefit from his many community outreach initiatives as well.