Donation and Contribution Refund Policy

Last Updated: July 2018 

At Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church, we value every financial contribution made voluntarily by our members. These contributions truly help our church make a difference in the community and ensure that we are able to continue our mission of spreading the Word of God both locally, and on a national level. Please read these Donation and Contribution Terms and Conditions carefully. By making a donation online, whether it is a one-time contribution or a recurring payment, you thereby express your understanding and agreement to be bound to the Terms and Conditions outlined in this page.  


All contributions that have been submitted to Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church “the Church” are performed with the understanding by the contributor that the Church has complete control of the donated funds, and can, at its discretion, use said funds to carry out Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church’s tax-exempt purposes and functions. You agree that you are 18 years of age or above, and that the donation funds and / or financial contributions that you make are made willingly and legally. 

Billing Information 

Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church does not sell or share your billing information with any party. Furthermore, we do not share your personal information outside of our associated ministries. 

Recurring Donations 

By opting to choose the recurring donation option on our website, you agree to and authorize Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church to charge your credit card automatically every month. You also acknowledge that you have the full legal authority to authorize the charge of this credit card and that this authorization remains in full effect until the Church receives an online termination request which was initiated by yourself, two (2) business days before the next requested charge cycle.  

You also agree to ensure that you update your personal information electronically if your card expires. Until these updates are performed in that event, your credit card will not be charged but your status may be rendered inactive. 

If your donation is refused by your financial institution for any reason, including over-limit, closed account, insufficient funds, or unauthorized account, Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church will not process your donation. 

Donation Refunds 

By making a donation, you agree that this donation is permanent and non-refundable. Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church does make the following exception to this clause, which is in the event that a fraudulent charge has been made on your card that was not authorized by you. 

If you believe that a donation charge has been incorrectly made to your card, you must inform the Church immediately within thirty (30) days in both writing and e-mail when this charge was made, and we will correct the charge if it was made in error, providing information as to when this charge was made. You agree not to hold the church liable for any contingent expenses, related losses or further charges that have resulted from this incorrect charge. 

Written notices should be sent to: 

Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church 

1188 12th Street 

Oakland, CA 94607 

E-mail Notices should be sent to: 

Tax Deductions 

All donations made to Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church are tax-deductible Charitable Contributions as applicable by United States law.