Founding History:

Taylor was founded as Taylor Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church and granted a charter on October 29, 1921. Mayor E.K. Taylor of Alameda, California, gave generously of his finances in helping to erect the building for Taylor Church. At his request, the name Taylor was chosen in memory of his father, the late Bishop William Taylor, born in Rockford County, Virginia. In 1968, the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church merged and we became Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church.



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Georgia St. Cyre Robinson
D.J. Jones
Phoebie Lewis
Ruben Matthews
Maggie Obee
Velmer A. Meade
Bob Robinson
Clara Broadnax

Wayman Robinson
Ida Miller
S.L. Lewis
Gracy Matthews
Ella Nurse
T.J. Jefferson
Jack Anthony

S.J. Duncan
Charles Miller
Emma Mays
Gertrude Barnes
Willie Mae Meade
“Dad” Hamilton
Malissa Byrd

The above named were the original members of the Robert E. Jones Literary Club. After several years’ growth as a club, the Robert E. Jones Literary Club was organized into a Methodist congregation and named Taylor Memorial in 1921.

Pastors - Past and Present

Rev. Albert L. Scott ~ (1921 – 1924)
Rev. George Carter ~ (1924 – 1926)
Rev. John Wesley Thomas ~ (1926 – 1928)
Rev. H.T.S. Johnson ~ (1928 – 1941)
Rev. Dr. Charles L. Warren ~ (1941 – 1958)
Rev. Dr. Robert D. Hill ~ (1958 – 1966)
Rev. Dr. Thomas P. Grissom ~ (1966 – 1972)
Rev. Dr. Robert D. Hill ~ (1972 – 1987)
Rev. Warner H. Brown, Jr. ~ (1987 – 1998) – (Now, Bishop Brown)
Rev. Lorraine McNeal ~ (1995 – 2003, Associate Pastor)
Rev. Ronald E. Swisher ~ (1998 – 2010)
Rev. Andrea Davidson ~ (2010 – 2015)
Rev. Anthony L. Jenkins ~ (2015 – Present)